March 21, 2015

Mobile Value-added services

The Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS); is composed of all non-voice services available to users of the mobile phone. We have a technology platform with multiple applications of unique mobile phones to improve the experience of mobile subscribers. The MVAS are divided into:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based services: is essentially a voice system where the user is directed by the voice and the system works by user input.

  • SMS (Short Message Services) based services: is the most popular MVAS mode.
  • USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is the protocol that is used by the GSM (Global System for Mobile) mobile phones that used to communicate with the service providers.
  • Service is WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is the protocol of technical standards for accessing information on the wireless network of mobile phones.

Here is the list of the most popular services:

  • Mobile money
  • Shop by phone
  • Music Express
  • Hunting for talent
  • Radio and TV games
  • Jokes Services
  • Chat SMS
  • SMS Alert
  • Job and tender
  • SMS Quiz
  • SMS Marketing
  • Mails
  • Game shop
  • Information Portal