March 27, 2015


E-Governance is the use of ICT in public administration combined with a trained staff to improve the quality of services offered. The footprint of ICT on e-Government as the practice is growing rapidly. There continues pressure on government services to deliver quality services quickly to citizens through efficient and transparent process pressure.

E-Governance is providing better service to citizens and businesses at lower cost and makes our country a more attractive place to live and do business. With e-Government, it is easier for citizens and businesses to conduct business with the government. E-Governance can both increase the effectiveness and relevance of government services to citizens and businesses. Recipients of the E-Governance include citizens, businesses and the government itself.

Given all these benefits for the state and the country, we feel that there’s a market share to carve in this area and we are sufficiently equipped with the tools needed to meet this demand.

The main advantages are:

  • Decrease long waiting thread in government services and a short waiting time between application and receipt of the service.
  • Providing effective services (monitoring and controlling process performance, effective management of service deployments, flexible routing of the various departments …).
  • Transparent processes (audit trail for process transparency, drilled down reports on process performance, dashboards based on roles for restricted viewing reports, report provided on the e-mail in graphs integrated, …)
  • Paperless Process (simplified management from start to finish for documents of large volume of paper, simplify the administrative process scanned documents, document routing to automate processes, improve document archiving and monitoring, …)
  • Workflow focused on man (connect employees from the various departments in the process, workflow government employees focused on key documents …)
  • Compliance (easily adapt the process to the specific departmental regulations, improved reporting to ensure better compliance, …)
  • Safety (includes audit trails at the user level, records and documents, flexible settings for access to sensitive documents and reports, …)

Some of the solutions we provide to the government:

  • Management Software for revenue generation, control and enforcement solutions
  • Management of prisoners and courts
  • Automated Management of hospitals across the country
  • Online Library and overall management of schools,
  • Production Control and Inventory
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Management of wages, leave and attendance